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Kanha Tiger Safari

Kanha Park

The Kanha ecosystem is divided into 3 zones and consists of varied habitats. The means of excursion are on open jeeps as trekking is not allowed in the reserve. Zones are allotted as per availability and a forest guide is a must accompaniment. Some formalities have to be completed at the gates before entry. Please carry your passports if touring from outside India. Indian should carry ID card as it may be required sometimes.

Edibles and mineral water can be carried inside the Kanha Reserve but can be consumed at designated places. Light snacks, tea and coffee are available at Canteen at Kanha Interpretation Center. Toilet facilities are available at the Interpretations centers and some jungle camps perhaps. Alcohol & smoking is prohibited, so are firearms or any weapons. Silence is the rule, hence no music or horn please.
Two rides take place in the core zone of the park. Early morning and post lunch ride. The morning safari is from predawn to 12 pm. The evening safari is from 3 pm till dusk. Elephant rides are available only in the mornings on “Tiger Show”. Elephant show is a short ride on elephant back into the forest where the tiger is cordoned by group of elephants and then after a brief sighting the tourist return back to their jeeps.

Tracking tigers is a skill wherein the forest guide or your naturalist guide comes into picture. They will help you track down the tiger. A keen eyesight and hearing will result in sighting many animals and birds that are elusive. Enjoying Kanha Tiger Reserve holistically is better experience than in singular pursuits of the tigers in the wild.

The preserve is excellent for birding so do not miss out one that. Professional birding guides are available for hire.Safari Zones: Kanha Zone, Sarhi Zone & Mukki Zone. Forest guide have to be hired at the gates. Kanha Zone is most popular with entrance at Khatia Gate. Other zones at a distance have to be entered by respective gates. They offer equal chance of tiger sighting and animal watching.

Season: The Park opens on 1st October & Closes on 15th June. Wildlife is worth watching all year around but winters are best for inbound tourists & birders. Wildlife is more visible in dry heat of summers excellent for nature photographers.
There is a limit to entry of tourist vehicle in the park; hence bookings should be done in advance. Open jeeps for hire are available for park rides.

Wednesday evening safaris are not available as the park is closed.
Tiger Safari Booking: Must be done in advance at MP Kiosk (For National Parks Gate Entry Booking in Advance visit the link below)